We know this industry, we know how it works, and we know how it can be better.

PhyBus, LLC was born of a need in the highly competitive medical billing industry. Where there are few dedicated ASC billing powerhouses, Rodney Lunn who is often considered a pioneer in the ASC industry, put together s group of innovative thinkers who envisioned a better way to do business. Our management team was drawn together by this common vision. We saw the potential for the ASC revenue management services to be delivered in a way that better benefits the physician owners.

A True Alternative

PhyBus, LLC provides nationwide service backed by one-on-one relationships, custom solutions, and constant innovation. We are a boutique operation that offers everything you’re not used to getting. We deliver the same products and services as standard billing companies, at the same price or less. But our value lies in our exceptional customer experience. PhyBus, LLC gives you access to a level of expertise and consistency of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry..