PhyBus, LLC provides complete reporting, based on the needs of our clients.  We provide an unlimited range of customized claims and payment reports, data analytics and performance reporting in the manner and format that is designed in collaboration with our clients.  Reporting is created based on the needs of our clients and customized in the format with the data that that is important to them. These reports are the financial checkups for your medical practice or ASC.

•    Payment tracking reports by provider, payer and per encounter
•    Claims and payment process tracking reporting by charge item detail
•    Customized A/R reporting by EOB and financial class by line item detail
•    Insurance provider payment tracking and reconciliation
•    Aged claims reporting by provider, status code, payer and days outstanding
•    Client payment tracking by insurance class and provider
•    Client performance tracking RVUs and by financial class
•    Customized client productivity reporting by RVU, patient activity level, hours worked, patient acuity levels, etc.
•    Customized client encounter ICD and CPT compliance audit tracking.